Fuqua & Partners Architects, P.C. (FPA) was founded in 1982, and from our beginning we have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients thoughtful and responsive architectural design. Master Planning and Interior Design have been hallmarks of the firm since its inception and reinforce our ability to deliver projects that are well conceived, innovative and responsive to the needs of our clients. Hand drawn sketches, Autocad and Revit drawings and Sketch Up models are all devices that we utilize to communicate ideas and solutions. Maintaining historical data in relation to job cost or individual discipline expenditures is another means by which FPA assists our clients in addressing their needs. Our experience in producing these solutions involve all types of projects. Experience across a wide variety of project types, scales, construction methods and materials make us a well-rounded and knowledgeable team of designers. Fuqua & Partners has completed over 3600 projects, providing services for clients in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Kentucky and Louisiana.

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