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FPA’s talented professionals seek to address client needs and fulfill aesthetic visions, while blending constructability and economic reality. Solving design challenges is what we do. A clear understanding of the project programmatic requirements, site conditions or limitations, code parameters, construction typology, current market standing, material availability, budget, schedule, and aspect feasibility is essential to the creative design process. Architect-Client communication, “listening, asking and documenting” are key points of emphasis within the architect and client relationship. Step by step progress assessments and presentation provide a forum for feedback and clarification for the architect and understanding for the client, all focused on providing a successful interpretation of the client’s dream.


Interior Design

Creating great places to live, work, and play in our community is the cornerstone of the Fuqua & Partners Architects Interiors department. Led by licensed Interior Designers, FPA Interiors provides comprehensive interior design services including space planning, tenant test fits, finish specification, architectural detailing, and furniture procurement packages. We believe thorough design and an attention to detail in the built environment plays a vital role in how the end user functions in a space. A successful interior environment not only shapes lives and influences behavior but enhances the overall human experience. From the early stages of design concepts through production of construction drawings to project completion, FPA Interiors departments strives for the best to ensure client satisfaction and create a timeless interior environment.

Media Visualization

Providing the tools necessary for clients to see what a particular design or project looks like before it is ever constructed, has always been the key to success in our profession. From free hand sketches to computer generated animated movies, we have the ability to deliver designs that are fully communicated. This allows our clients to understand the project long before construction ever begins. By using a variety of these methods, we can illustrate, document and modify your project design to meet your specific desires and needs.

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Master Planning

A Master Plan is a specific yet flexible guide for the long range development and use of a site. Each Master Plan is developed based upon forecasts of future needs and trends which are subject to change over time. Beginning with the end in mind, the Master Plan frames specific goals that can be achieved in various ways as the client’s needs change over time creating a map for future expansion and development. This aspect of planning and anticipation is not limited to the development of particular sites or pieces of property, but extends to facility assessments, space utilization and programming.

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