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Monroe Street Parking Garage


Monroe Street Parking Garage in Huntsville, Alabama, is an expansion to the existing parking structure. The project involved the demolition of the original 2 story parking structure constructed in the 1970’s and the expansion of the remaining parking structure. The project is a 5 level “double helix” structure that permits a single direction path from the first parking level to the 5th parking level and back down to the first without turning around. The project added approximately 257,200 square feet for a total structure area of 582,820 square feet and increased the total number of parking spaces from 1,199 to 1,456 spaces. The project is also the first project within the City of Huntsville to incorporate 3-D Printed Construction Materials. The façade panels include an internal structure of carbon-fiber that is 3D printed. The 3D structure is then encased in expanding foam that is robotically machined into “organic” shapes and coated with glass-fiber reinforced concrete. These 3D-printed organic shapes have been incorporated on the Monroe Street and Clinton Avenue facades as well as the façade that faces the Big Spring Park. The project also incorporates the latest technologies in parking control and creates a new parking structure entrance available from Clinton Avenue.




Huntsville, Alabama


Approximately 582,000 Square Feet​


Turner Construction Company


Completed in 2021

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