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Burritt on the Mountain Baron Bluff & Bendickson Family Pavilion


The Baron Bluff Building is a 167 acre living history museum located on top of Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville, Alabama. Perhaps the overriding influence on the site is the bluff view of Huntsville. It was imperative that the building address this view as a primary draw for users of the building. Expansive 16 foot deep porches wrap the southern & west sides of the building to address this overwhelming view and provide outdoor spaces for guests to spill directly out of the main ballroom. The historic Monte Sano hotel provided inspiration for the aesthetic of the building. Deemed to be both “rustic and Elegant” by the Burritt Building Committee, the hotel inspiration is found on the exterior through heavy timber detailing, stone work, & iron railings and on the interior through paneled doors, the mantel, moldings, & arch top woodwork. Another nod to the historic hotel is the chimney, which is the only remaining element of the hotel still standing today. Program elements include a large ball room, concierge office, boardroom, toddy station (for serving drinks to guests), and telegraph office (for private phone calls). The large, well appointed, catering kitchen will support any function that can be held in the building. 

The most recent addition to Burritt on the Mountain is the Bendickson Family Pavilion. This project consists of an approximate 2,900 square-foot open wood framed pavilion possessing exposed timber framed construction and stone veneered half-walls. Roof deck are exposed pine with limited lighting. Immediate grounds are adjusted to allow for accessible entry. Roofing is shingles to match adjacent building. Small gardens on each side of structure complimentary to the facility.




Huntsville, Alabama


7,750 New Square Feet; 2,900 Square Feet


Completed in 2012; 2022

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