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Religious Institution


Madison, Alabama


Approximately 34,000 Square Feet


John Kreis Construction


Completed in 2017

Willowbrook Church Madison Campus


The Madison location of Willowbrook Church is on a 46 acre campus off of Jeff Road. The church is setback off of the road and overlooks a small lake that often attracts wildlife. The building has two main wings, the worship wing and the education wing. As you walk through the courtyard between the two large towers, you are welcomed by a large gathering space. This space houses a reception and coffee area as well as a gathering room that overlooks the small lake with a separation of floor to ceiling glazing. The worship center, which seats over 500 members, is a large gathering room with a minimalist design concept to reflect the exterior of the building. The education wing is made up of two floors housing education and administration. This wing features an indoor playground that extends two stories with floor to ceiling glazing. The administrative offices stretch along a two-story curtain wall system overlooking the outdoor playground. The second floor also houses classroom and gathering space.

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