The University of Alabama in Huntsville Cyber Security Lab
Huntsville, Alabama

Education, Renovation                                                                                                                                                      Status: Completed


Located in the existing Business Administration Building on the UAH campus, the Cybersecurity lab renovation provides instructional and hands on education space for students preparing to work in the intense world of cybersecurity. In response to the constant evolution of modern computing systems this focused renovation utilizes raised access flooring and mobile furniture to allow for individual instruction, collaboration, and flexibility. Working closely with UAH the FPA team is focused on how students learn, and how instructors can best teach the principles and practices surrounding the design and implementation of both hardware and software in this unique field of study. The Cybersecurity Lab seats up to 60 students who will be placed in groups of 6. Each group is supplied with 6 computer stations, a small server rack and a mobile monitor equipped with screen sharing technology so the instructor may project scenarios at each station for a team to identify and mitigate the problem.


The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Date Completed:



2,350 Square Foot Renovation