Muscle Shoals Sound Studio
Historic Renovation

Sheffield, Alabama

Civic                                                                                                                                                                                     Status: Completed


The renovation and restoration of the historic Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was completed in two phases. The first phase consisted of structural and envelope remediation. The building had structural issues which include both exterior wall instability, and a sagging roof structure being supported by added (not original) columns and beams that encumbered the recording studio floor area. In addition to structural issues, the building envelope was leaking badly from years of deterioration of the exterior stucco and roofing. The exterior wall issues were addressed by adding reinforcing in the existing CMU exterior walls. The roof issues were addressed by using temporary shoring to support the roof structure while new framing was “fished” in that would span the full width of the building, essentially replacing the existing roof structure with new members. Once the structural repair was completed, new exterior stucco and new roofing could be installed to make the building dry. This completed the structural and envelope repairs. Phase two of the project consisted of the restoration of the studio to bring it back to the way the studio looked during the period in which the studio was operated by the original Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, also known as “the swampers” during the years of 1969 to 1979. The restoration was completed in 2016. The studio is once again an active recording studio and is also open for tours most days during the week and on weekends when the studio is not being used for recording sessions.


Muscle Shoals Music Foundation


1,700 Square Feet

Date Completed:



BH Craig Construction