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Mentor Graphics


Mentor Graphics, a Siemen’s business, assists companies in developing electronic products faster and more cost effectively. Their products help many companies with their design challenges in board and chip design. For their new 40,000 square foot corporate office located in Huntsville, Alabama, Mentor sought a combination of private and open office areas with many spaces for employees to escape from their desk and relax. With collaboration being very important to Mentor and their work, the open office areas are broken up by various types of collaboration spaces, depending on an individual employee or team’s work style. The office provides conference rooms of varying sizes, as well as varying amounts of privacy. The building also has two large training rooms that can be connected for larger conferences. The interior of the building is designed to promote walkability by eliminating dead-end corridors and creating a continuous circulation path. The building also provides employees with many unique amenities including a state-of-the-art Gym, a Game Room, Phone Booths for personal calls, a kitchenette and a large Café.




Huntsville, Alabama


40,000 Square Feet​


Whitney Construction


Completed in 2017

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