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Magnolia Trace Lobby

Magnolia Trace

The Magnolia Trace project involved renovation and expansion of the existing lounge area to become more of a multipurpose space and a new lounge in a timeless bistro-style. An adjacent private dining area and two (2) storage spaces were used to create the additional space that includes a strong, new entrance to the lounge, a newly designed and expanded bar space, additional table tops and booth seating to give larger parties more space, a large central eight-person community table in front of a new LED fireplace, and additional space that will host a variety of functions such as Bible study, movie night Wii competitions and “happy hour” in the evenings. This also features enhanced acoustics, warm colors and vintage-style lighting along with a combination of Americana, Audubon and nautical artwork.


Residential, Senior Care


Huntsville, Alabama


1,730 Square Feet


Completed in 2013

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