Fuqua & Partners Architects Conceptual Designs


Conceptual Design is an early stage of the design process, in which the outlines of function and form of our projects are expressed. Here at FPA, we convey our conceptual designs through several different avenues. These avenues can range from simple sketches and drawings or, through the aid of Architectural Visualization Software, we can develop 3D renderings and dynamic videos to help convey the owner's aspirations for the design. Below are a few of our conceptual designs from the past and/or present designs we are working. 


Rendering of the new BAE Systems Building in Huntsville, AL

BAE Systems - 36x54 Board.jpg

Rendering of the new Radiance Technologies Inc. Headquarters in Huntsville, AL

Radiance Technologies Inc. Rendering

Abaco Systems Office and Manufacturing Facility

Huntsville Botanical Garden - Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville Botanical Garden - Huntsville, Alabama

Cummings Research Park Gateway Sign Concept